What It Takes

Do you know that among all the musical instruments available, Guitar is the most easiest to learn? Nowadays many people are interested to learn to the guitar as it’s cool and trendy. And if you are a fan of guitar, Congratulation as now you can teach yourself to play the guitar even though you are a complete newbie.

Just what makes a guitar so flexible to learn yet complicated in certain ways that allows your originality to bring forth your style. Here are some things for individuals with that passion for guitar should take note of when learning to play the guitar.

Decide on the Guitar Type

Guitars comes in many different shapes and sizes. Bearing in mind your hobby, you can pick up the bass, classical, blues, electric or even acoustic guitar. From personal experience, I would recommend that you start with acoustic guitar first. This is due to the fact that acoustic guitars have thicker strings which make learning easy for beginners and being one of the flexible options, it is able to endure superior mistreatment of the instrument.

what it takes to learn the acoustic guitar


Select your Equipment

However, I must warn you beforehand that you would need at least about $100 to get started. To teach yourself to play the guitar, you would need your guitar, the picks and the chord chart. Start heading to the nearest guitar shop or school and have hands on with the guitar. They would need to fit your body and posture correctly. A chord chart is low-cost and will help you to get your basics right. In case, you are wondering which chords to learn first, try A, D and E first. Have ample of time to get the fingering and posture correct.

Practice, practice and then… practice

Once you are more comfortable with it, practice switching the chords. As soon as you are able to switch from one chord to another easily, have a go at learning a few more chords. Your top stake is to learn the C, G and A minor. After you are done, you could have your hands on a few simple chords that are used in 1,000’s of songs.