Yes we love guitars as much as you do, well maybe more than you. I grew up playing guitar from a very young age and was taught to play by my dad and my brother, so I had the best kind of training right there in my home day and night. Yeah it was kind of like a family of musos, playing every day, but truly that was the only real way for me to learn the guitar, Playing Everyday!

Passion and a real joy and love for playing the guitar just makes you want to pick it up and strum away. Learning the chords are the tricky part, but after that you end up writing and creating your own tunes and that is what I really love to do.

So if your stuck and really have the passion and desire to learn the guitar, then I suggest you have a look around on this site and make sure to check out the beginners to advanced classes to get you playing like a pro in no time.

Slasher X

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